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Nobody wants to be homeless.

Lived experience has taught us the best long term solution to homelessness is enterprise.

Let's Make A Change works to find employment opportunities for homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals helping those in need regain their confidence and independence.

We are a not for profit, community interest company and have three exciting projects that create employment opportunities and support networks for those in need in Worcestershire.



Let's Get Selling

We provide selling expertise that will help your business grow. Great ideas for increasing your market share - leaflets, Adbikes, guerrilla advertising, website design. All our staff have suffered homelessness or prejudice and are proud to be building independent lives working with Let's Make A Change. If you would like to give your business a lift - please give us a call.

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On the crossroads in Malvern Link we have just opened our amazing charity shop with a difference - no old clothes, shoes or bedding! All the furniture, pictures, bric a brac and electrical items on sale have been lovingly renovated by our team of formally homeless people or disadvantaged individuals before they are offered for sale. Please call by and say "hello!" when you get the chance.



Do you sometimes feel a little lonely? Don't worry we always have a friendly voice waiting to chat, happy to chat about anything and everything. If you live alone or with others we know it is easy to feel down. You can rely on us to provide a friendly voice to help you get through the day. The service is free and completely confidential.

We are waiting for your call now!

Have you heard? 
Tozer seeds donated 50,000 seed for the edible education project!

Thank you!
To see our grand shop reopening click the camera!


We believe in education, we work with schools, seed suppliers and tyre vendors to create amazing vegetable gardens in school playgrounds. Children learn to sow seeds, care for plants and enjoy eating the efforts of their labours, as well studying their science curriculum! Supported largely by generous businesses this amazing idea is usually provided to schools at no charge.



We once sat here and know just how desperate it feels


We have eaten at the Bin Bistro too

In 2016 we lost everything, home, dignity, friends and we were forced to beg on the streets to survive.  
Grateful as we are to all the kind people who gave us food and shelter on the way, we just bounced along the bottom, trapped in poverty, with no way out. It was only when we were given the chance to earn a living that we regained our confidence and independence, feeling the benefit of enterprise.
Nobody wants to be homeless, nobody wants to beg and when you are at the bottom of the pile, we think being given food and shelter is the possibly the worst thing for you, you learn to exist from handout to handout - yet when you are given the chance to earn money, pride and dignity return then you can start to build an independent life.
The man who helped us wanted no reward for giving us an opportunity, all he asked was that we passed the kindness on. 
So here we are, we started 'Let's Make A Change CIC', a not for profit charitable organisation that offers help, support and employment to homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals in Worcestershire. 

We are grateful to all those who have supported our enterprise who include:



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Thank YOU!

Special thanks to Ocean Outdoor who have given us amazing exposure on the side of the M5 and above New Street Station on their huge digital signs -  Advertising worth over £56,000 given by an industry giant like Ocean has made such a difference to us. 

Thank you!


A special "thank you" to CareTech who have given us an amazingly generous grant to cover the wages of our staff during the Corvid-19 lock down. Some of our distribution team were not able to be furloughed and CareTech have kindly stepped in to cover their wages.

Thank you!


Thank you !


Thank you to the William Cadbury Trust for a very generous donation that helped us start off and get the ball rolling!

Thank you!


A BIG thank you to

Thank you Waitrose & partners on the London Road in Worcester for the incredibly generous donation! We really appreciate your kindness.
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Thank you Worcester Council for your generous grant to help us fund reaching out to the BAME community in the City to provide advice and support to overcome the problems due to COVID-19.

Thank you Practical Van Hire

When our van broke down unexpectedly we were really grateful to Practical Van Hire who stepped in and let us have a van free of charge until ours was repaired !
Thanks to Liaqat Ali and his team for coming to our rescue!

A really heartfelt and sincere "Thank you" to The National Emergencies Trust, Comic Relief, and ALM Translations for all helping with our major new project.  

The BAME community suffered perhaps more than most during the Covid-19 crisis. Our aim was to help organise access to funding and support for BAME community groups in Worcestershire.
We assisted small charitable groups who work in their local communities to find funding to help them succeed with their aims.


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Hello, hello! We've redecorated, refurbished and filled up the stock - we welcome you back to see the wonderful things we have on offer!


Thank you

Thank you alm translations for your generous help preparing all the multilingual text for our BAME community project. Their staff generously donated the cost of their Christmas party for so we could have our translations! - that's over and above! Thank you



For any enquiries, questions or comments, please call: 01684 891098 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

1 Richmond Road

Malvern Link WR14 1NE

Tel: 07932 980397/ 07985693393

Tel: 01684 891098


If you are unfortunate to be homeless or unemployed and would like to talk about the opportunities we have for employment please don't hesitate to call 07985693393.